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Respected friends and associates, fellow lovers of animals and nature,

We are extremely excited to be able to invite You to apply to take a part in the BeGeVege Festival, in organisation of „Sloboda za životinje“. The BeGeVege festival will be held at Dorcol Platz, Belgrade, on Saturday and Sunday, 17. and 18. November 2018 from 10 to 22h.


One of the goals of this association by the founding statute is to promote vegetarianism and peaceful agriculture because we believe that with lessening the meat consumption, the suffering of the animals will also be reduced; alongside with suffering of the nature and the people on Earth.


That is why we are calling companies who have plant products without any animal products, clothes and footwear made of ecoskin, natural or artificial materials which did not cause any suffering to the animals, cosmetics which was not tested on animals, agricultural farms of peaceful and organic farming and also associations whose goals match the festival’s program.


On the festival we are also expecting foreign associations which have already applied to be a part. In example, “Prijatelji životinja“ (Friends of the animals) and “Glas životinja“ (The voice of the animals) from Croatia, “Osvoboditev živali“ (Freeing the animals) from Slovenia, “Srce za životnine“ (Heart for the animals) from Macedonia, alonside with many of our associations.


Because of the large interest caused by the organisation of the festival, lots of exibition stands will take part nearby which there will be a stage. We expect many interesting musical and artistic performances alongside the educational lectures which lead to healthy and happy life that includes unity between the nature of people and animals.


Please confirm and reserve your spot at this festival as soon as possible, after recieving the email or over the BeGeVege Festival’s website since the large amount of exibition stands is not a guarantee that there will be enough room for all the exibitors who are interested.


We will send the conditions of participation and the prices of the exibition stands to everyone who apply. We would also like to especially say that there is a special price for every company who has the V label.


Aside from the exibition stands, there will be a fun-musical program on the BeGeVege festival.

We are looking forward to the first BeGeVege festival and we believe that together, we can all make something important and meaningful whose future will keep on getting brighter.


We are available to You for all the questions you have. We wil reply to them in the shortest possible notice.


Wishing you well,

Snežana Milovanović
064 168 55 75